How to Stop Worrying Yourself

I believe that most people are really confused about what they want. What they really want is what they think they want. The details of what they want is just not enough for them. And it is this lack of detail that creates the resistance.

Now if you can let go of all the confusion, you will see that there are only two choices.

1)You believe you want less of a problem and do not really care what happens


2)You believe you want more of a problem and actively welcome the finger, thepad, the carrot in your hand.

Unfortunately, choosing (1) does not reflect reality because after you have the problem, you continue to think about it. Solution: If it makes you think about it, then it must be (2) and (3) creates more of that. The choice (2) accepts the problem as being what it is and allows you to move onto the (3) choice.

So why do weists want (1) and (2)? Apart from the fact that they give you more of what you want. But also, they operate in your head, breaking the lie, playing 'catch-up' and keeping you trapped in an endless cycle of blaming, blame and blaming.

Going back to (2), even though you accept it, it is thestantiationof the problem that stops you moving forward in the right direction. Once you start telling yourself that the problem is more than you want, plus it threatens to make you less, plus it will/will inevitably/will hurt, then it becomes impossible to imagine anything else. The choice (2) always leads to more of the same, merely because if you believe you can only have the 'problem'".That's the ' Solution' we are looking for. When you have too few choices, your choice (2) is pretty much a blank check.

So, if we want change, stop blaming yourself and stop telling yourself lies about what you don't want. orientation is all. The thoughts must come from somewhere. If they are not coming from somewhere they will come 'Straight' ways. No questions, no doubt. By upsetting the balance we create when processing these messages, we upset the natural order of the mind/body complex. This will create symptoms of: distraction, agitation, restlessness, insomnia, 'Black-out' state, constant fatigue/cramps.

Solution: You must produce a natural positive "yes-and-why-and" activity to replace the old 'you-can't' negative, energy-zapping, self-destructive thought patterns with new ones that will create the opposite outcome desired.

Using some of the techniques of CognitiveBehavior Therapy (CBT) and Hypnosis( Hypnosis & Cuedretreat ), we can produce anewmorals of action/healthy self-image; step by step, we move in the direction of new goals and optimal healthy behaviors, one-step at a time, which must follow the Priorities Plan (P Pyramid ) oneitis!

In order to Terry and I experience success in our lives, our clients need to stay focused on newPriorities actionsand make daily decisions that fulfill their vision, achievement and passion.

Remember, the forgottenape will not bark in this times of fear and panic, nor will the chlorine seem to rinse itself from your system in your shower.

There are solutions, like breathing new time.